About Us:

Performing all genre of big band jazz—the classics from the 30's & 40's, Latin and some Funk in a big band setting.

The Thursday Night Jazz Band is led by local trumpet player Stanton Haugen, and features our lovely vocalist, Jamie Hope.

After a trip to Australia with the Honolulu Community Concert Band (now known as the Honolulu Wind Ensemble) in 2006, Stanton and other members of that community band came together to form THIS Big Band. The Thursday Night Jazz Band consists of 25 or so members who have full time jobs as engineers, chemists, businessmen, teachers, and other former band "geeks" who practice on Thursday nights at the St. Andrew's Priory Bandroom. We generally perform at retirement homes and at shopping malls a few times a year.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to promote Big Band music in Hawaii. We also thank St. Andrew's Priory for hosting our rehearsals.

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Contact us at: tnjbhonolulu@gmail.com